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My program is showing it being between them on the morning of the 24th but going away from being between them by the 25th. On my picture below, the comet would be below and to the left of N4656 at that time. Ignore the obscene tail. Starry Night Pro does that based on the estimated magnitude.


Here’s the view on the morning of the 24th. The small rectangle is my AT12RCT (2430mm or so) and the larger would be my AT90EDT refractor (610mm or so) with an APS-C sized chip.




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Comet C/2021 A1 Leonard will cruise between the Whale (NGC 4631) and Crowbar (NGC 4656) Galaxies the morning of 24 November.  The tail might split them on 25 November (Thanksgiving morning).  This looks like a perfect field for about a 1m focal length telescope.  The comet will be well up in the sky for two to three hours.  However, the waning gibbous moon may be an issue.

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