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My method, which probably isn’t standard, is to just move it – I think the manual will say tics = x amount of turn. At that point, I wipe the model and run a short one – again, I think the manual might mention how many but I would think 30-40 would be enough and check again. I would repeat until close enough and then just run a big model. You probably won’t touch it again for years and I suspect you could run a massive one (I can do 700 points in a couple hours even using the all-sky solve).


My method is with the MKS5000. I doubt there’s a lot of difference if yours has the MKS4000. I just find it doesn’t make a lot of sense to try to fit existing models when we’re talking a few hours of images on a bad night.



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I need to polar align my Paramount ME tomorrow when I am at DSNM. The T-Point polar alignment tells me I have to rotate west 6.4 clicks. I have an older ME mount that does not have “clicks”. Does anyone have any idea how far this is on the older mounts? Also, after I adjust the polar alignment, do I have to run T-Point again? If so, how many points is enough to get good polar alignment data?









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