M90 (Arp 76) and M89

Gregg Ruppel

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M90 and M89 are two large galaxies in Virgo.  M90, along with IC3583, make up Arp 76, a "spiral with small high surface brightness companion on arm".   Although these two are only about 100,000 LY apart, it is unclear whether they are truly interacting.  M90 is blue-shifted, approaching us while IC3583 is red-shifted, moving away.  M89 is a large, spherical elliptical that sports outer envelopes of dust and gas and a long tidal tail, suggesting some past interaction. An estimated 2000 globulars surround M89.


M90 (Arp 76), 1.3X crop:

M89, 1.3X crop:

Annotated version:

LRGB, 10 hours total exposure from Dark Sky New Mexico

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