NGC 1514

MJ Post

Here's a beautiful target in Taurus - a small planetary nebula formed from a rapidly-orbiting (4-9 day period) double star system, the progenitor of which was originally about 4.5 solar masses.  The bright central star is an AO III giant, whereas the progenitor is a now a small O-type, sub-luminous dwarf. 
This planetary was discovered by William Herschel in 1790, and it caused him to reconsider his hypothesis that all nebulae were clouds of unresolved stars.  It is about 800 light-years from us.
M.J. Post
Tech card: 
L,R,G,& B each six 600-sec unguided subs binned 2x2 on ASI6200MM camera
PlaneWave CDK14 scope, ME II mount
DSNM, Dec. 7, 2020 UTC

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