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Excellent rendition, Gregg. I can't help but thinking "two tadpoles swimming into the ear of the skeleton, now with a comet through the skull." Poor guy! But glad you captured the event and shared it. MJ

On 12/09/2020 11:58 AM Gregg Ruppel <> wrote:

Hi all:

I started collecting data on NGC 1893 (also IC 410 and Sh2-236), the
open cluster and complex emission nebula in Auriga a few weeks back. 
Then a few days ago I noticed that comet c2020 M3 ATLAS would be passing
through the field on 12/8.

Here's the field before the comet arrived:

HaLRGB, 30.8 hours exposure for the cluster/nebula with an additional 40
minutes for the comet.  Captured with CCD Commander from Dark Sky New

Clear skies,

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