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Rick Darden

Hi Dan,

I'll check out the spike-a-flat. Looks like that's the ticket.

Thanks for the info.

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I have a 12” RC (Astro-Tech AT12RCT). Andy Galasso who was in our building also had the same AGO 12.5 scope as you. Both of us use the Spike-A-Flat large panel. They have an add-on USB controller that allows for changing the intensity. I use the stand-alone app and have presets so that all my flats are about the same length of exposure. For example, intensity 10 for 1x1 luminance but 900 for 1x1 Ha. Andy did write an Alnitak emulator and ASCOM driver so they will work with SGP and other programs.


Not the cheapest or most expensive but they work well.



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Hi All,

I'm on pier 6 in the 1 meter building and I need a better flats panel for my AGO 12.5.

I notice in the building there are 2 setups with scope at least the size of mine that have flats panels that would work for me.

One is an AGO on a 10 micron and the other is a Planewave on a 10 micron.

If you guys are on here, can you tell me about your flats panels. Are they DIY or pre-fab'd? 12v? Ascom compatible? Can you control the intensity?

Thanks guys,

Rick Darden 

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