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It reminds me of IC 342. They both end up with that reddish tint and both would be much better if they were not behind all the gas and dust.





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IC 10 (UGC 192, PGC 1305, LBN 591 and others) is a dwarf, star-burst galaxy approximately 2.4 million light-years away in Cassiopeia. It is a member of the Local Group. This galaxy would be a lot brighter if it wasn't obscured by the dust in the plane of the Milky Way.


Luminance – 24x600s – 240 minutes – binned 1x1

RGB – 20:17:16x300s – 100:85:80 minutes each – binned 2x2


505 minutes total exposure – 8 hours 25 minutes


Imaged October 10th, 11th and 12th, 2020 from Dark Sky New Mexico at Rancho Hidalgo (Animas, New Mexico) with a SBIG STF-8300M on an Astro-Tech AT12RCT at f/8 2432mm.




See my previous images:


2012 with an AT6RC (1368mm) from Mount Lemmon -

2014 with an AT90EDT (603mm) from Missouri -



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