Internet issues

Bernard Miller



I could use some help from the group. I have a real head scratcher going on.


  1. I cannot access my video controller or my power controller remotely.
    1. I have tried 4 different computers on two different networks with no luck.
  2. Though I cannot access these devices, others can. Howard and Jim Collins were able to access my video feed. Can each of you try accessing and let me know if you can see my video feed.
  3. I cannot Remote Desktop to my computer, but I can TeamViewer into it.
    1. Once I am connected to the DSNM computer via TeamViewer, I can then access my video and power controllers.
  4. I have tried restarting my computer and restarting the router. Neither worked.


If any of you have any ideas I would love to hear them. This is just weird beyond words, especially the fact I have tried on four different computers on two different networks and yet others can access my video controller.






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