Adam Block Presentation - Tuesday, August 18th

Dan Crowson

I head up the imaging SIG of my local club just west of Saint Louis. We’ve been using Zoom for the last three months. Zoom has allowed us to get presenters from all over. I’ve had Gregg Ruppel (DSNM) talk about comets, Rick Steiling (DSNM) talk about his first light image and PixInsight (Rick is a local PI expert) and even some home-schooled students from Texas who talked about making a northern and southern hemisphere mosaic of the Milky Way. The last three meetings have been recorded here -


Adam Block will be discussing PixInsight for our next Zoom meeting on Tuesday, August 18th at 7 PM CDT. I learned how to use a CCD camera and process images through one of his Mount Lemmon workshops back in 2011. I was happy but surprised he agreed to give us his time.


I’m not a PixInsight user. Adam is looking for some topics to present. He you have a particular script or process you have an interest in, please give me a reply. I will be sending him a list of suggestions very soon. I suspect he will present on something and then take some time to discuss his various tutorials.


I hope to see some of you here.


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