Running Chicken IC2944

MJ Post

Folks - I'm a wannabe DSNM astronomer, unable to install my gear because of COVID19.  Last year about this time several of us from the Longmont Astronomy Society (LAS, in Colorad) traveled to San Pedro de Atacama (Chile) for 6 nights of astro imaging.  We got only 3 nights in - clouds and rain skunked us the other nights!  I used a borrowed Celestron EdgeHD 8" SCT scope with Hyperstar, a rented mount, and my SX694C camera.  We were supposed to go this year, but those plans got cancelled.  My compadres are now posting reprocessed images from last year's trip, in a futile attempt to relive our limited success. 

About a month ago Bernard Miller posted his (tighter) image of the Running Chicken.  Here's my (wider) version from south of the equator.  The rented mount was giving me fits, so this image is the result of about twenty 100-sec subs.

Some of my other images, mostly taken from Boulder, reside at the same site, if you'd care to scroll forward or backward.

Dan - if it is OK I'd like to join your ASEM Zoom meeting this coming Tuesday.

M.J. Post
Boulder, CO

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