NGC 2998 and friends

Gregg Ruppel

Hi all:

NGC is a spiral galaxy in Ursa Major that's about 195 million LY distant:

At the upper left are NGC 3009 and NGC 3010a,b,c.  Several other NGC objects are in the same field near 2998.  NGC 3002 is also cataloged as MGC+07-20-052 and appears as a distorted double galaxy (MGC+07-20-052 NED01, MGC+07-20-052 NED02).  In the map below 3002 is plotted twice; one is a star.  NGC 3004 is also just a star. 

1.3X crop:

LRGB, about 5.5 hours total exposure from Animas, NM (Dark Sky New Mexico)

Clear skies,

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