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Madhup Rathi

Good one, Howard!

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This is a great result.



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Hi all,

Attached is a small version of the best I could do this morning
using remote controlled scope at my observatory.


I really wanted to get the thing at the exact time of eclipse and
had everything set up to take series of 1 second images.  This
is one of them.  I plan to post a larger image on my

Unfortunately, the FocusMax system decided to refocus
at the critical times!  It was set to do it every hour but
I thought the refocus start time would be in sync with
my "take an image time."  Looks like it was in sync with
something else so it ran exactly when I didn't want it
to!  And the two events were about one hour apart!

Next time I'll get it right but I don't think I will live long
enough to do that...  :-)

Damn...  :-)

Anyway, for what its worth...



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