Re: A Rather Bright Comet

Dan Crowson

Nice catch, Brian.


I think there is another somewhat bright morning one in C/2020 A2 Iwamoto. I think it is currently in Draco and heading south. Might we worth pointing at once the moon is a bit out of the way.



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Subject: [DarkSkyNewMexico] A Rather Bright Comet


We are in a real drought when it comes to good comets.  T2 is OK, and will max at about mag 8.   

C/2019 Y1 (ATLAS) was to peak at about max 14 in March but it now looks like it will hit 8.   Here’s a shot I got last night:


11x3min exposures.  No filters or autoguiding.


Reports show it at mag 9.5.   Unfortunately, Y1 stays low in western twilight, so no great display.




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