Arp 237

Dan Crowson

Arp 237 consists of MCG+02-24-014 (PGC 26844) and UGC 5044 (PGC 26842) at the center of the image. These along with NVSS J092734+121613 (PGC 26831), the galaxy just below and to the right and 2MASX J09273421+1218053 (PGC 26830) above and to the right are designated as Hickson 38. Located in Leo, the three of the four with distance estimates all appear to be approximately 414 million light-years away.


Luminance – 24x600s – 240 minutes – binned 1x1

RGB – 8x300s – 40 minutes each – binned 2x2


360 minutes total exposure – 6 hours


Imaged January 25th and 26th, 2020 from Dark Sky New Mexico at Rancho Hidalgo (Animas, New Mexico) with a SBIG STF-8300M on an Astro-Tech AT12RCT at f/8 2432mm.





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