Re: Comet c2017 T2 PanSTARRS and Double Cluster

MJ Post

Gregg _ I am a future fellow imager at DSNM and have been privy to all group postings. I'm very impressed by your work, and others, at DSNM. I hope to come close to achieving your quality some day. Once Software Bisque finishes testing my system, I'll be installing it into Building 2 with Tally O'Donnell. He's already there, tuning his rig a bit more. We're calling our observatory LRO, for LoBo Robotic Observatory. We're from the Longmont - Boulder area in Colorado, hence LoBo. And of course, Lobos is the mascot of U. of NM.

I enjoyed your image of the comet near the double cluster so much that I broadcast your URL for it to my Longmont Astronomical Club members, several of whom are avid comet watchers. I hope that's OK, and I did credit you properly. I thought it best to confess my crime.

M.J. Post

On January 27, 2020 at 8:23 AM Gregg Ruppel <ruppel0709@...> wrote:

Hi all:

T2 passing near the famous Double Cluster in Perseus on 1/26:

LRGB, about 64 minutes total exposure.

Clear skies,

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