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Brian Ottum

Yes, I’ve been plotting AAVSO light curves for several days since you alerted me.  Going back 40 years it is UNPRECEDENTED.  But the last few days show nothing changing.


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Sadly, my stars can look this different in successive exposures with the recent seeing. :/


I posted this locally because several people asked –


Go to and enter alf Ori into the search box on the right and hit plot light curve. It might sound bad for lack of a better term but I would then uncheck the visual observations box on the chart. You can change dates among other things by clicking the preferences button at the top. It looks like it has dimmed almost a magnitude since the start of November.


There is something here in that it appears to be the dimmest it has been in a long time. I changed the chart to go back 20 years and it doesn’t show anything like this. Being a bright star, it can be a challenge to get non-visual observations so something could have been missed.


It is not a bad thing that people are asking questions and looking. If I see another Orion image minus Betelgeuse I might scream.



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Spaceweather picked up my side-by-side Betelgeuse shot.  Two caveats for you experts:

  1. Dan pointed out that this is really not a scientific comparison of brightness due to many factors (humidity, elevation, transparency, etc).
  2. The last 7 days have shown that the dimming has ceased (lightcurve is flat).





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