Re: Comet I2 Borisov

Dan Crowson

That TheSkyX issue was pretty common across the majority of planetarium programs. Now that the update for Windows has been pushed out, we can track on it (there were work-arounds when not tracking) but this is the last new moon cycle (until the moon comes up in the morning) to catch it before it is probably too low for us in the northern hemisphere. The forecast doesn’t look real promising.


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Very nice. I had a shot at it from home in Oregon a couple nights ago and found it but the weather here shut me down. We are still not up and running at DSNM but should be in early December.

Interestingly, for those with TSX systems, until just a week or so ago TSX would not accept Borisov because they had not allowed for eccentricities above 2. They finally fixed that oversight with a daily update.

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