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Brian Ottum

That’s a great Whale shot, Bernard.


When at DSNM, I found that I had never retightened the wedge under my Planewave L-350.  So the slight flexure was probably most of the source of my poor tracking.  Also, PW told me to look at the ground wire at the board and I found it to be rather loose (could have caused my occasional mount communication drops).  So my trip was successful.  Met newcomers Tally and MJ from Boulder.


I was able to get 210 minutes on the Sculptor Galaxy in the moonlight.  About half 5’ exposures, about half 10’ exposures (all unguided).


This is a bit over processed, but it seems what my Instagram followers like.




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This is an image of NGC55. Wikipedia says this is called the Whale Galaxy, but I am pretty sure that is more commonly used to refer to NGC 4631. Perhaps the Southern Whale galaxy. It is a barred spiral galaxy about 7 million light years away in the constellation Sculptor. It is one of the closest galaxies in the local group, which is the group of galaxies that we reside in.

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