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Howard Anderson

Welcome Bill and Tom!

I grew up mostly in Eugene, Oregon.

When I was 4, I got to see the Giacobinid (Draconid) Meteor Shower of 1946.
I remember it vividly...
"The Draconid meteor shower produced awesome meteor
displays in 1933 and 1946, with thousands of meteors per
hour seen in those years."
My father had me chasing around the yard trying to catch one.  My recollection
is that there were at  least 2 or 3 every second.  Most of the country was
occluded that October when the meteor storm occurred.  Strangely,
Eugene, Oregon that night was cloudless (unusual for October.)

I mention that because I understand how difficult astronomy is
in the Northwest...

And because I wonder if my lifelong interest
in astronomy was triggered by that meteor storm.  :-)

Again, welcome to Astronomy paradise...  :-)


On 10/29/2019 09:01, William McLaughlin wrote:
Good Day. I just wanted to introduce some new users at DSNM. My imaging buddy Tom Carrico will be visiting in Mid November to set up our cooperative system. We both live in the Pacific NW where clouds are the norm in the winter so having a  NM system will be a big help. We both have decades of astroimaging under our belt, having started in the mid 90s (which means we are ancient as globular clusters). We will be combining some of our equipment (we both have home systems as well) so the system will be kinda basic and mostly short focal length, at least to start. We will be using a Paramount MX  with a Stellarvue SVQ 100 and STT-8300 as the base system. On top of that will be a QSI and 200 mm camera lens system we have put together.  Links to my image pages are below. Tom may wish to post links to his.

Take Care!

Bill McLaughlin

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