Observatory Opportunity

Stanley Watson

As most of you know the “Watson, Hanson, Ottum” observatory has three piers. One is Brian’s, two use my two scopes a 17’’ CDK and one a 24” CDK.
I am looking to sell my 17” CDK (most modern design), an A200 GEM PWI mount and pier, SBIG 16803 camera system with 7 place FW, with all Astrodon filters (L, R, G, B and Ha, Oiii and Sci 3nm). If you or a friend wants to join Brian, Mark and me in the building there are other goodies. A 24” flat panel system for flats for this scope, even in the day time. The building is very dark and nicely cool. I can throw in a new W10 computer with software, roof control, sophisticated surge and power system with fiber optics. Many other advantages. I want to brag a bit. This scope has performed spectacularly under Mark Hanson’s guidance. I also need to say that this is a very cordial and mature set of “partners”. We all share resources, rent for DSNM and have a fine time.

At the observatory level there are some nice features: the 20 ft by 30 ft main observatory/ telescope space, a 12 ft by 8ft storage area and a 20 ft by 8 ft computer room. We have AC to keep computers cool, Triplite heavy duty surge and battery systems, Hughes Satellite for emergency control of all of this.

So why am I doing this? I am focusing on my 24” PWI system, I find that this system takes too much time and energy from me.

Please feel free to email me privately (watsons@...) or call my cell (734 646 9425). Anyone you know who might fit in to this group, even outside the local peers, is worth talking to.

Thank you for considering this,

Stan Watson
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