Re: SkyAlert Weather Monitor

Bernard Miller



Yes. If the sky temp gets near the grey it will trigger an unsafe cloudy condition. Generally, the higher the sky temp the more cloudy it is. You can adjust the ambient/sky temp differential to determine what a shutdown event is. I think it is set to 20 or 30 degrees difference when the unit is installed.





From: <> On Behalf Of Howard Anderson
Sent: Monday, June 3, 2019 9:37 AM
Subject: [DarkSkyNewMexico] SkyAlert Weather Monitor


Hi all,

I just bought a SkyAlert Weather Monitor.  Have not been
down to the site to install it yet but I see at least one of you
has this device and are displaying its results out on the internet.

QUESTION:  in the following SkyAlert image, how do you tell if it
is likely to be cloudy?  Are you looking for the "Sky Temp" to
rise to someplace within the grayed areas?  How are the Gray
areas determined?

I had cloud conditions all calibrated on my Foster Weather Monitor but its communication
chip was damaged by a nearby lightning strike several months ago.  I replaced its comm chip
but was unsuccessful at restoring it to working order.  The device no longer seems to be
available from Foster...  Thus my purchase of the SkyAlert system...




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