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Hi all

My name is gadriel i am 12000 years old and an angelic part of system seeds. I'm an angelic alter with an eating disorder, known as food disorder not otherwise specified.

This food disorder relapses when I get anxified or stressed, or if something traumatic happens which triggers it.

I've relapsed badly now, not eaten all day, i feel anxified sick and paranoid about food and don't want to eat all, i've lost weight.

It doesn't help we've had a new dog for two weeks now she's nothing but trouble, she nibbles my guide dog's ears and teaches her bad habits, wees everywhere, and wakes me and my sister up at stupid o'clock wanting to play.

I'm so anxified, and need to seek help but my doctor won't listen, please help I could really use your support?


A very stressed angel who doesn't want to eat feeling anxified...

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