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System Seeds <iloveseeds1@...>


Hello all

For those that don't know us...

Our body name is Kaden

The body age is 27

We are blind, gender neutral and have the following mental health conditions

Dissociative identity disorder with 2290 alters


Gender Dysphoria

Complex mixed personality disorder

Emotionally unstable personality disorder

EDNOS, eating disorder not otherwise specified

Paranoid schizophrenia

Schizopolar disorder

Sleep disorder NOS

And pseudo chromatic epilepsy

I am also a guide dog owner

I am losing my vision and I am scared that it could go overnight... my stupid mother and her ridiculous fiancé craig don't support us and that I am only saying that I am losing my sight because I want it to go, and that I am using my mental health conditions to seek attention...

How could someone fake being emotionally, financially, sexually, mentally, and ritually abused?

How can someone fake being in a car crash, and then losing two friends in a crash a year later?

How could someone fake a DID diagnosis?

I am sick and tired of my illness deteriorating and being fobbed off by so-called professionals who don't care because they don't understand my conditions because they don't live with them?

My ridiculous mother is blaming the relapse on my meds, but that is not true, I wish that I had better support for everything but I find that the level of care is inadequate...

They keep misgenderingus


Sent from system seeds, a fragmented reawakened complex multiple personified system with many complicated complex issues, we are blind and lucky enough to be a guide dog owner, we identify as genderqueer with the preferences of Xe/Xem, Hir/Hirs, Se/Sem/Seeirs/Seirself/semselves, they/them pronouns, with MX used in formal circumstances, I live with the conditions PTSD, CMPD, EDNOS, IBS, dissociative identity disorder, with 2193 personalities/alters, paranoid schizophrenia, generalised anxiety disorder, gender dysphoria, insomnia, unipolar depressive disorder, OCD, paranoid personality disorder, panic disorder, pseudo chromatic epilepsy, SOD. And we are also hearing impaired. We get severe migraines but the meds for them don't work because they ara useless pile of spoffles?!

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