Therapy updates and change in psychiatric treatment, trigger meds

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Hello all have you all had a good evening?

Triggers meds and psychiatric stuff

As some of you may know or may have heard that our mental illness on the whole has severely deteriorated, and has led to the following occurrences that may have influenced such severity...

1. Mum moving out/abandonment issues and attachment issues

We as a system collectively or at least the littles and some parts with special needs, as well as myself due to blindness and physical disabilities as well as being emotionally and sexually abused and developing DID CMPD PTSD EDNOS EUPD gender dysphoria and Schizopolar, and pseudo chromatic epilepsy, means that the chroniic instability impairs our ability to cope with complex changes, and since the system has 2196 parts, that instability is magnified, so harder to manage.

2. The upcoming festive period/being religiously abused

We weren't just sexually and emotionally abused, we were also religiously abused and suffered horrific mind control abuse. The abuse concerns god, power, Christmas and births, the devil and the words death and loss are also mentioned as well and are a huge trigger, we avoid using them, substitute them, and we change the name of the December holiday that begins with C. To something less religious to comfort the affected parts, this year it is greys day, and we shall not be judged for our belief in greys day.

3. Flashbacks/memories

We have been and still are struggling with flashbacks related to the abuse, we can't even have a complex wash without someone who is not a male in the house, has anyone else struggled with this?

4. Deterioration/anger/irritability/low mood/depression/anxiety

Well, we have been irritable and emotionally ill for weeks now, the doctors didn't care until a 2000-year-old part, Silas, sent Muvva dump a message declaring that he felt sick and suicidal, and that was it... when we had enough... we received email threats, depression anxiety and dysphoria were running high, things hit low... this was when a crisis team referral was made and the decision to refer us to our psychiatric specialist.

5. Outcome/plan

When we went to see doctor belderbos yesterday, he diagnosed us with unspecified Schizopolar Disorder, and decided that our meds needed a complex review, he is gradually tapering us off Quetiapine so by Monday morning we will have had our last dose, we are starting lamictal on 25mg at night for 2 weeks, then 50mg at night for 2 weeks, then 75mg for 2 weeks, then 100mg for 2 weeks and stop at 100mg, stay on the buspirone, and continue psychotherapy with doctor brown while doctor belderbos will review our new mood stabilisers every 2 months until Euxton dump repeat them.

2Sent from system seeds, a fragmented reawakened complex multiple personified system with many complicated complex issues, we are blind and lucky enough to be a guide dog owner, we identify as genderqueer with the preferences of Xe/Xem, Hir/Hirs, Se/Sem/Seeirs/Seirself/semselves, they/them pronouns, with MX used in formal circumstances, I live with the conditions PTSD, CMPD, EDNOS, IBS, dissociative identity disorder, with 2193 personalities/alters, paranoid schizophrenia, generalised anxiety disorder, gender dysphoria, insomnia, unipolar depressive disorder, OCD, paranoid personality disorder, panic disorder, pseudo chromatic epilepsy, SOD. And we are also hearing impaired. We get severe migraines but the meds for them don't work because they ara useless pile of spoffles?

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