I've had it... with Muvva dump, craig, my grandmother, and my auntie winding us up about the December Holiday when they know we change the name of Christmas because of college sexual and ritual abuse by a male to female student, trigger paranoid dark and suicidal thoughts

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Hello all

My name is andrea I'm 11.

Basically, my mother, her fiancé craig, my auntie and my grandmother, keep constantly pushing me and winding me up about the upcoming holiday season, and other stuff that triggers us, like the wash situation and the fact we are being completely ignored and misgendered, we change the name of Christmas because we were ritually abused, and to use something like greys day, actually comforts the littles, we change it each year to something non religious because it promotes safety and wellbeing that secures the system. But right now we feel like our choice is not being respected, and it has triggered our depressive mood, luckily we see our psychotherapist today, because if we weren't going to we'd be making plans to eternally shut off in a box?

Andrea 11 op

Sent from system seeds, a fragmented reawakened complex multiple personified system with many complicated complex issues, we are blind and lucky enough to be a guide dog owner, we identify as genderqueer with the preferences of Xe/Xem, Hir/Hirs, Se/Sem/Seeirs/Seirself/semselves, they/them pronouns, with MX used in formal circumstances, I live with the conditions PTSD, CMPD, EDNOS, IBS, dissociative identity disorder, with 2193 personalities/alters, paranoid schizophrenia, generalised anxiety disorder, gender dysphoria, insomnia, unipolar depressive disorder, OCD, paranoid personality disorder, panic disorder, pseudo chromatic epilepsy, SOD. And we are also hearing impaired. We get severe migraines but the meds for them don't work because they ara useless pile of spoffles?

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