Need to rant trigger Muvva dumps rudeness and craig her fiancées inappropriate behaviour towards us, trust issues, depression, paranoia, trigger for mention of Suicide and transphobia, talk of eating disorder and weight issues?

Katherine Salvator

Hello all on a stressful Saturday...

My nam is Dean, i am 9000 years old, and i am an angelic part of system seeds whose host is Kaden, and I am in control since they are not able to function due to a 7-day-long depressive episode.

It was caused by the following:

1. Muvva dump

Our mother is our paid carer since she's moved out of the house to live with her fiancé craig, she controls how much I spend and what I spend it on, she controls how much time we spend online, and what websites we can access, she is trying to get parental controls on my phone and how much time we can use apple devices.

2. Triggers

Her and craig know that misnaming and misgendering us really hurts and sets our dysphoria off big style, and makes us feel depressed, they also know we are triggered by the upcoming December holiday so they use it against us when they know we change the name of the day to comfort the Littles in the system to protect them from flooding memories of religious abuse.

3. Eating disorder stuff

Muvva dump and craig keep saying we are eating too much sugar, we admit to eating more sweets due to depression, that is it we need to reduce in weight, Muvva dump and craig said we've put it on and say we are fat, we have an eating disorder for spoffles sake, now that makes it worse by decreasing our self-esteem and lowering our level of confidence?


We don't shower often due to flashbacks of abuse, everyone is mad at us for it, and our psychotherapist is no use because he will not get involved with the trauma side because he says it's not his role.

How do we get around all this including the fact that craig won't stop calling us it, even though we have asked him multiple times not to do that?


Sent from crazy Boffer, a fragile reawakened hybrid soul in the complex dissociative system known as system seeds

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