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Dalton Mfg. Co. started building lathes in 1913. The very first small lathe model was the Lot 2, a 6” swing lathe. The Lot 3 and 71/4” swing lathes came out in late 1913 or very early 1914 The Lot 4 swing lathe came out some time in 1914 as that would coincide with Hubert's first patent for the threadless nut. Lot 5, which was a 7¼" swing lathe, came out in the late 1921 or early 1922 with many improvements over the Lot 4 that it shared many parts with. The Lot 6 8½” swing lathe is believed to have been produced starting in 1915. The TL pattern makers lathe came out in 1920 or 21 and it has a patent date of 1922 that covers the special hinge on the end door. This patent is present on later machines of different Lot numbers but the door was only used on the TL. The Lot 1 combination machine was built from the beginning of production in 1913 up till the end of production in 1929. The Dalton 9 and 9½” swing lathes - we are not sure when these came out but they were the first lathes to have power cross feed and were truly a very professional machine. Dalton never did make the switch to a quick change threading gear box. Dalton used a separate set of sequential serial numbers for each of the Lot #s. The Dalton Lathe Company was located in NY from 1913 to 1925. Some time in 1925 all production of lathes was moved to the new Sound Beach plant. Dalton Tool Company failed in the stock market crash of 1929. Compiled by Dennis Turk May 2013. You can find out more about Dalton Lathes here.

This is a self support group for Dalton Lathe owners. As we use or restore these wonderful old machines, We all have questions such as “where can I find replacement gears”, “how tight should the spindle thrust bearing be adjusted”. This is also a great place to share information (how I solved a certain problem). Maybe someone has an extra part that that they would be willing to give up or swap.Sign up, log in and tell us a about your Dalton. NOTE: We're in the process of moving from Yahoo Groups, please be patient....this has taken several weeks for some groups.

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