Re: DXLog - Entry line issues

Björn SM7IUN

Hi Milen,

I'm back in Sweden now trying to catch up on email. My comments below.


Entry line > Rcvd field
<Backspace> acts like <Del> - deletes the character under cursor, instead of the previous one
also when editing the logged QSOs exchange. It works as expected in the "Callsign" field.

I can not replicate this. Even with "Use insert mode in RCVD field".
In SO2V/SO2R, "Stay in field while moving up and down in the log" unchecked
When you move from R1 to R2 and wise versa, the active field (and cursor position in it) should be preserved.
For example: Entering an exchange on R1, then a callsign on R2 and go back to continue typing the exchange on R1. The cursor is back in "callsign" field, instead of the last edited field.

This is confirmed. I am however not sure this should  be preserved when moving between the two entry fields. 
The intent of this option is to maintain the position when moving in the *log*, not the entry fields.
Regardless, the behavior is not correct. I have filed an issue on this, we will look into it.

In SO2V/SO2R, "Stay in field while moving up and down in the log" checked/unchecked
The cursor position in "callsign" field is not preserved when moving from R2 to R1 field. It works as expected when moving from R1 to R2.
If you enter a callsign on R1 and then go to R2 for whatever reason - sending a macro or typing anything, when you return to R1 callsign field, the cursor is back at HOME position.

I can not replicate this. When I try this, the cursor returns to it's previous position on R1. 


'Milen, LZ5DB

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