Warning: Daylight Savings Time transition problem

Dave, AA6YQ <dhb@...>

Today, I was dismayed to see that DXView's title bar was displaying a UTC
time that was off by one hour. I fired up WinWarbler, and the UTC time in
its title bar was correct. DXView, WinWarbler, and most other DXLab
applications use common code for this function -- how could the two programs
report different times using the same code? I terminated DXView and
restarted it -- the time shown in its title bar was now correct.

These programs report time by checking the system clock every second using a
Windows API that supposedly handles daylight savings time transitions.
Evidently running programs don't make the time transition properly -- you
must shut them down and restart them. I will investigate further -- perhaps
there's something I can do to make this completely automatic, as originally


Dave, AA6YQ