Updated TQSL configuration file released (config.xml v11.12)

Dave AA6YQ

The next version of DXKeeper includes TO-108 in the DefaultSatellites.txt file (which resides in DXKeeper's Databases folder).

Until this next version is publicly released, Satellite ops can use a text editor to add TO-108 to DefaultSatellites.txt, and then restart DXKeeper.


Dave, AA6YQ

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Config.xml version 11.12 has been released.

This is a update release containing additions made since the release of config.xml version 11.11

Changed in this release:

* In the Satellite enumeration, added entries for:

* TO-108 — TQ-OSCAR 108 (CAS-6 / TQ-1)

TQSL should notify and ask to install latest configuration file on its next restart

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