SpotSpy 2.0.7 is available

Volker Rose

This release

  • corrects a defect in SpotSpy's alert feature for DXCC alerts (tnx to Bruce, K5WBM)
  • updates SpotSpy's clubmember databases (tnx to Rien, PA7RA)
  • corrects some minor defects
The clubmember feature has been completely redesigned to greatly improve performance

Update your firewall and anti-malware applications to consider this new version of SpotSpy and SpotSpyUpdater to be "safe"

SpotSpy 2.0.7 is available via SpotSpy's update feature (New ? - button).

For more information about SpotSpy visit

Full release is available at

Other Add on for DXLAB (interoperation with DXKeeper / Commander):
LogPublisher - supports real time QSO upload to / logbook and sends On Air status

For more information about LogPublisher visit

Volker, DL9HO