SpotCollector - Special Callsign tags

Jim N7US

As you may know, you can add a column in DXLab’s SpotCollector for Tags.  This field/column can be used to display member ID numbers, such as CWops, FOC, or whatever.  DX spots of club members have the club and membership number shown in the Tags column.


Member files of many organizations are available at  Download the text file from the website in SpotCollector format, add a column for Tags in the Spot Database Display tab,  and import it into SpotCollector’s Configuration Spot Database Display tab.  The process is explained at .


The CWops membership list isn’t available at but it can be downloaded from  The call and membership numbers need to be extracted and saved as a .txt file.


I just used the N1MM+ Call History file that Claude, VE2FK, maintains for CWops, edited it in Excel, and saved it as a .TXT file in .


Someone smarter than I am could no doubt create an automatic way to do what I did manually.


You can have multiple lists combined in SpotCollector’s Spot Database tab.  Import the files for each club sequentially, and DX spots will list the number for each club.


If you are so inclined, you can create a SpotCollector SQL filter to show only DX spots of the club or clubs of interest, such as:

                       CWops        (TAGS LIKE '<CWOPS-###>')


73,  Jim N7US