Resolving dupes for Credit only vs recently found and imported?

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I'm helping someone in the last phase of getting a clean DXK log. He's only about 65 away from nirvana!

This last phase involves dealing with some credit only QSOs that are likely being duped by recently imported files.

+ Please provide an example of "credit only QSOs that are likely being duped by recently imported files."

How best to find and deal with them?

I'm guess it is done by some work on the Credits Page of the Check Progress tab.

I think it would mean finding two with the right entity then date and time if it was entered then somehow transferring the credit to the real QSO.

+ There is no need to "transfer credits".

+ Suppose that you have in your log a 1970 QSO with North Korea on 160m CW, for which you only have entity-credit for DXCC. You lost the QSL card, so you could not resubmit it for band and mode credit, and there was no chance of obtaining a replacement QSL card because your QSO partner is now SK, and his logs were interred with him.

+ Further suppose that you worked Martti P5/OH2BH on 160m CW last week, your LoTW confirmation arrived that evening, you submitted the LoTW confirmation to the ARRL for DXCC award credit, and received a DXCC Credit Slip the next day. Right-clicking your QSO with P5/OH2BH and selecting "Update from LoTW" changed this QSO's "LoTW Rcvd" item to 'V' -- meaning "DXCC credit granted for entity, band, and mode". So now you have DXCC Credit for North Korea on 160m, and North Korea in CW.

+ There is no need to modify your 1970 "entity only" QSO.

+ Hopefully, the example you cite will reveal the problem.


Dave, AA6YQ