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When PropView starts, it initializes the Time field to the then current UTC
time. This won't change unless you change it -- either by double-clicking
(to set the current time), or by keying in a time. Clicking the "Predict"
button does not update the time to the current time, as that would preclude
times other than the current time.

Since time doesn't play a role in the computation -- its just used to
position the vertical time bar -- perhaps it would be more useful to
eliminate the "Time" text box (in the Conditions panel of the Parameters
tab) and instead make the vertical time bar in the Prediction display
"draggable". A prediction would initially position the vertical time bar to
the current time, but one could drag it around to serve as an index.
Double-clicking the vertical time bar would return it to the current time.

Note that a prediction could be for some day other than today, in which case
double-clicking the vertical time bar would be positioning it to "the
current time on that day".

Comments? Better ideas?

IonCAP does not consider geomagnetic conditions in its prediction
computation. I'm currently scanning the literature for the statistical
relationship between the K index and the dimensions of the auroral oval,
which would enable DXView to plot the oval and report the extent to which a
path experiences polar absorption. I know of at least one propagation
program that does this, and therefore assume that documentation of the
relationship exists. If anyone is has this information or a reference to it,
please send it my way.


Dave, AA6YQ

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Now that the solar flare activity seems to have settled a bit,
PathView is providing some very nice and accurate information. I
think however that it is not always reading the clock. When I
first bring it up and do a prediction it shows the vertical time
bar in the correct location. However, it never seems to change as
I do more predictions at a later time unless I close and reopen it

73, Rich - W3ZJ

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