Printing issue on #6 3/4 envelope

Komkit Listisard


Printing used to be fine, no problem.  I normally insert envelope manually, one by one.

Today when I am trying to print an envelope, the manual feed took the envelope in.   The envelope came out with my returning address lower then what it use to be.  The the station first name and last name was printed on the bottom of the envelope.  Then the printer took 4 more plain papers and print the station mailing address one line on one each of the paper. 

Nothing have changed.

Here is my printer setup. There are no correct size envelope in the drop down menu, I have  setup the margins to compensate that.  Envelopes were fine in the past but not today.  Not sure what had changed.

Thanks, Kit W3KIT

Komkit Listisard

Oh, just realized I can not post a screenshot.

Anyway, the printer is brother HL-L2370DW and size picked was Envelope Monarch, 3 7/8x 7 1/2 in.

Komkit Listisard

Please disregard the issue above.   I do not know how and when this happened.

On the envelopes setup tab.

I have the "Top Margin" set at .14 before.  I just now see somehow got changed to "1.4" instead of ".14"

Not sure how that happened.  The issue is now resolved.  The good thing I had the screenshot I saved long time ago for reference.