Presentation and Notes from last week's DXLab Users Forum at the Visalia International DX Convention

Dave AA6YQ

The presentation that Björn SM7IUN used to kick off the session is here:


Slides 2-7 of this presentation provide an overview of DXLab for attendees who might not yet be familiar with it.

Slide 8 summarizes the four major enhancements made since the 2017 Visalia International DX Convention, and slides 9 through 12
provide a screen shot illustrating each major enhancement.

Slide 13 provides development statistics for each of the 8 DXLab applications over the past 2 years.

Slide 14 was meant to prompt comments from attendees. This sort of "feedback" is always welcome here on the DXLab Discussion Group.

Notes taken during the forum by volunteer scribe Ron KF7XN are here:


I've heard nothing but positive comments from attendees of this User Forum. Many thanks to Björn SM7IUN, Dave W6DE, and Ron KF7XN
for standing in for me at the last minute and making it work so well!


Dave, AA6YQ