Pathfinder Users: updated searches for the FR and LZ callbooks

Dave, AA6YQ <dhb@...>

Our man Kurt, OE1002419, noticed that both the FR and LZ callbook URLs had
changed, tracked down the new URLs, and sent them my way. So we have him to
thank for the updated Pathfinder searches now available. Keep in mind that
the F callbook includes FR addresses, and so provides a second source of
Reunion QSL info.

To update your search library, click Pathfinder's "Info" button, or link to The Pathfinder Web
Client ( ) has been updated with
the above changes; the only action required of its users is to click their
Browser's "refresh" button.

As always, reports of new online QSL sources or changes to existing sources
are greatly appreciated.


Dave, AA6YQ

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