PathFinder lookups from JTAlert


I previously asked this twice in ten days on the JTAlert board. No replies.

There was. I believe, a time when if I clicked a Green, Decode in the JTAlert Decodes lines, that PathFinder would show me the data on the particular callsign.

Not so anymore. I am using their JTAlert 2.18.8 fwiw.

JTAlert respective settings:
Applications:DXLABSUITE: I have currently every box checked. Today. Yesterday and some previous, I tried one or two checked.

I have tried one , or two, instances of WSJTx 2.2.2 with respective JtAlerts ... both with the 'different' passed-params.

So, is anyone else able to get PathFinder to act on a callsign from JTAlert?

thanks for any help.