NEW version 4.0.1 program AWARD_SECRETARY cooperatin with CLUBLOG

Jerzy Smietanski

Hello all !

I would like to inform that I project a new version

AWARD_SECRETARY.EXE  version 4.0.1 at  30.06.2022 year

The following changes have been made to this release:

  • The program is used to create applications - for awards in a  automatic and cost-optimal manner
  • It's been two years since the previous version 3.0.3 was developed and I made a lot of changes
  • First 4of all, the program is much less restrictive when it comes to licensing conditions and practically the full version is available for every ham radio without paying any fees -completely free. You just need to write me to e-mail sp9auv@... and provide the main sign of the station for which you have obtained or intend to obtain the ARRLcertificate. You will receive a license file back, which you just copy to the main AWARD_SECRETARY directory .The DEMO version after the 1st installation includes only the basic most popular awards

  • In fact, you can install and run the program without an Internet connection - although then you will be deprived of the valuable property of checking data on CLUBLOG
  • At the moment, the program can do calculations for  30 awards, including 18 DXCC awards and 12 WAZ and WAC awards or others, and for 8 special inquiries, eg - tell me how long I wait for confirmation with QSL cards.
  • The issue of duplicate QSOs has been cleared. The problem is that the emission symbol is not treated unequivocally and the same over time by logging programs. Ie. Logger 32 used to use PSK31 and PSK63 symbols as emission symbols.The program AWARD_SECRETARY as a symbol that uniquely identifies the QSO also uses the emission symbol (MODE). . Now PSK31 and PSK63 emission are converted to PSK when reading ADIF data and in various other situations. .  For DXCC awards, they will be combined into a DIGITAL mode.

  • Introduced and improved the method of numbering QSL cards with a sticker on the card in the logger when selecting  the QSL card has been received, which greatly speeds up the process of looking for cards when submitting a award. Currently, you use the DXCC country sort method for QSL numbering.
  • The synchronization of QSOs data from the logger adif with data entered intothe MYSQL table was also taken care of - because it was found that someloggers increase the TIME_ON parameter by 1 sec after some time,which means that the program may malfunction in the future and give a false result.TIME_ON is a critical data because it is included in the so-called QSO index.
  • Currently, it is possible to submit multiple awards in one application. This is done in the so-called In the 1st application form, the method of uploading ON-LINEto the ARRL website of the appropriately produced application file.The application file may contain any number of awards. It is also possible to include supplements in such application - endorsement
  • A new browser program has been developed to work with CLUBLOG.Browser_chrome3.exe. .The previous program, Browser_chrome.exe, stopped working in the new Windows environment.
  • The program can work with CLUBLOG. Then the comparison of the data downloaded from  the ADIF file from the logger and the data calculated on the CLUBLOG website takes place. After the data comparison, the data can be improved to the MYSQL DIFFERENCE_LOGGER_CLUBLOG table and to  QSO_AWARDS
  • It is possible to choose all QSOs automatically or manually one QSO.

                        Program can download from page


                                         Best regards Vy 73 de SP9AUV


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