maximum number of values that can be loaded into one of DXKeeper's user-defined items whose style is set to "List".

Dave AA6YQ

As stated in


"The List style is appropriate when a user-defined item's value is limited to a small discrete set, for example the set {Y, N}, or
the set {Alinco, Elecraft, FlexRadio, Icom, Kachina, Kenwood, TenTec, Yaesu}."

The upper limit is 32767 entries; this limit is exceeded by the 10-10 membership file. I have updated the documentation to make this
upper limit explicit; the next version of DXKeeper will inform you when you're attempting to load more than 32767 entries, and stop
loading at that point.

If you're goal is to track QSOs with members of a club, SpotCollector's "Special Callsign List" is the recommended approach:



Dave, AA6YQ

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From: ON6AT Patrick [mailto:on6at@...]
Sent: Monday, July 06, 2020 6:05 AM
To: 'Dave AA6YQ'
Subject: RE: DXKeeper - error by export 3e test

Hi Dave,

The requested file is attached.

What more information for U.

This weekend I participated in two contests.
Last night (Sunday evening) I wanted to import these contests into DXKeeper.
I also got the error message there.

Then I thought about the administration rights at MS Windows.
Normally I have all rights and have not any problems with that.

DXLab Suite is on the C drive, but my files for backup and contest are on the D drive.

When I looked at the properties of the D drive, I found that under the security tab,
Administrators: the check marks were on,
BUT under my name, as users, the check marks were on
"read and write" - "show folder contents" - "read ".
The rest were turned off.

I have changed these settings and shut down the PC.

This morning (Monday) I only started DXKeeper without the other parts and executed what you asked in the last mail.

Now I could export to the D drive as well as import.

Could my permissions on DXLab Suite have been changed by a cleaning program?

I use Advanced SystemCare from Iobit and sometimes CCleaner.
As antivirus program I use Kaspersky.

This afternoon (Monday) I will start DXLab Suite completely and check everything is working properly.

73 Patrick ON6AT

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Van: Dave AA6YQ [mailto:@AA6YQ]
Verzonden: zondag 5 juli 2020 22:24
Aan: 'ON6AT Patrick'
Onderwerp: RE: DXKeeper - error by export 2e test

Please do the following:

1. on the Configuration window's General tab, check the "Log debugging info"

2. direct DXKeeper to export an ADIF file to ON6AT-06 as you've been doing

3. dismiss the window displaying the error message.

4. on the Configuration window's General tab, uncheck the "Log debugging info" box

5. attach the errorlog.txt file from your DXKeeper folder to an email message, and send the message to me.


Dave, AA6YQ

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From: ON6AT Patrick [mailto:on6at@...]
Sent: Sunday, July 05, 2020 3:20 PM
To: @AA6YQ
Subject: DXKeeper - error by export 2e test

Hallo Dave,

1) All User defined items have been removed except Never
bothered exporting if is checked.

2) Then go to the export section, Now I have unchecked "export QTH

3) By pressing START I enter my folder window where I want te save the
ADIF file.

4) I put my filename "ON6AT-06" and then press "Opslaan", for you is that

My Windows 10 Home is in Dutch language!

5) Here you see the same error message.

Whether I use Export standard ADIF, Export ADIF 1.0 or other ADIF settings.
I keep getting the same message.

Hopefully you can help me becouse I don't know anymore.

If I read the message it means that an ON6AT-06.ADI file would already be open.

Have already restarted the PC serveral times, but this remains the same error.

73 Patrick ON6AT

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