FW: [ARRL-LoTW] TQSL 2.6.4 update released

Dave AA6YQ

Note item #4 in Rick K1MU's post below


Dave, AA6YQ

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Subject: [ARRL-LoTW] TQSL 2.6.4 update released

I've released an update kit for TQSL with a few defects corrected.

1. TQSL checks for expiring callsign certificates once a day, and if one is close to expiring, offer to renew that. If you chose "Yes" TQSL would crash. (You could still renew from the Callsign Certificate menu). TQSL now handles this properly.

2. When checking whether a callsign certificate is valid for signing a log, it would incorrectly reject Station Locations with callsign certificate set to "None". TQSL now handles this properly.

3. Checking of US portable callsigns now handles both "K1MU/KH6" and "KH6/K1MU" forms.\

4. When checking for previously uploaded QSOs, TQSL would reject changes in the related station location, regardless of the type of change. TQSL now allows re-upload when changing from an empty value to a specific one (say an empty CQ Zone to a correct zone).

5. When checking for a valid callsign certificate for signing a log, if the LoTW status check returned a status that the serial number of a callsign certificate was invalid, TQSL would reject signing with an error. TQSL now continues the search for a valid callsign certificate.

The kits for various platforms are below:

Windows: https://www.rickmurphy.net/lotw/tqsl-2.6.4.msi
Mac: https://www.rickmurphy.net/lotw/tqsl-2.6.4.pkg
Mac Legacy (PPC/i386): https://www.rickmurphy.net/tqsl-legacy-2.6.4.pkg
Linux/BSD source: https://www.rickmurphy.net/lotw/tqsl-2.6.4.tar.gz
Linux AppImage: https://www.rickmurphy.net/lotw/tqsl-2.6.4_x86_64.AppImage
Mac Apple Silicon: https://www.rickmurphy.net/lotw/tqsl-arm64-2.6.4.pkg

Release notes attached.

Note that the Apple Silicon/M1 package may need additional libraries installed (using Homebrew).