DXView 1.2.6 is available

Dave, AA6YQ <dhb@...>

In this release, I modified the internal representation of latitudes and
longitudes to correct a defect that caused the incorrect display of
positions between 0 South and 0 1' North, or between 0 East and 0 1' West ;
I doubt anyone would have ever noticed, but my 11th grade trig teacher would
kill me if she ever discovered this error. While I believe that my testing
covered all the combinations, it was a deep change -- so I'd appreciate it
if someone who likes breaking things would take a shot at this version.

I also completed the transition to direct latitude and longitude entry,
converting the QTH position text boxes on the Configuration screen to accept
things like 42 15' N rather than 42.25 with a check in the "North" box. When
you first run this version, please verify that your QTH location is still

The online help has also been updated.

This release is available by downloading
http://www.qsl.net/dxview/DXView126Update.exe - store it in your DXView
folder and execute it. You can then run the extracted DXView126.exe .


Dave, AA6YQ