DXKeeper 16.8.6 is available

Dave AA6YQ

Before installing or upgrading to DXKeeper 16.8.6,

if you are using Window Defender Antivirus on Windows 10 or Windows 11, update it to its latest malware definition in


This version

- corrects operation of the "Sync LoTW QSOs" function with the chronological sort order set to Descending (tnx to Tom NS8K)

- generates a correct YASME progress report for YASME stations that appear in the YASME database more than once [see note 4]

- includes an updated YASME database [see note 4]

- at the bottom of the Advanced Sorts, Filters, and Modifiers window, extends the "Set Select" panel to provide the ability to set
Select items to Y or N in all QSOs in the Log Page Display (tnx to Joe WQ6Q)

- at the bottom of the Advanced Sorts, Filters, and Modifiers window, renames the "From Callsign File" and "Clear Select" buttons
to "Set Select based on Callsign File" and "Set Select to N" respectively; the functionality of these buttons was not changed

- includes a DefaultBands.txt file that extends the upper bound of the SUBMM band to 75000000000 MHz in compliance with forthcoming
ADIF 3.1.4 (tnx to Graham G3ZOD)

- updates the FilterLog.htm and Progress.htm documentation files


1. Update your firewall and anti-malware applications to consider this new version of DXKeeper to be "safe"

a. JOTTI virus scan: 0 of 15 scanners detected malware in this version's executable

b. VirusTotal: 0 of 72 scanners detected malware in this version's executable

c. submitted to Microsoft for analysis by Windows Defender: no malware detected in this version's executable

2. If this upgrade doesn't work correctly, see the "After an Upgrade" section of


3. After upgrading, to revert to the previous version of DXKeeper, see


4. Given the corrections in this version, if you generated a YASME progress report using DXKeeper 16.8.3, generate a new progress
report with DXKeeper 16.8.6

DXKeeper 16.8.6 is available via the DXLab Launcher and via



Dave, AA6YQ