DXKeeper 15.3.0 is available

Dave AA6YQ

This release

- updates realtime award progress for IOTA, VUCC, WAS, or WPX if the "Update Log" function on the Main window's "Log QSOs" tab
changes a counter's status from Worked to Requested (tnx to Dave N9FN)

- updates realtime award progress when a logged QSO's "QSL Rcvd" item that was set to 'R' is cleared (tnx to Dave N9FN)

- gracefully handles a timeout when uploading a QSO to (tnx to Ray W9RF)

- correctly interprets APP_LOGGER32_LAT and APP_LOGGER32_LON fields in an imported ADIF file (tnx to Alex SP2EWQ)

- improves the error message displayed when attempting to print a single label with a label width that is too large given the
selected printer's reported printable area (tnx to Eric W3DQ)

- warns the user if the date-and-time shown beneath the "Sync LoTW QSOs", "Sync LoTW QSLs", or "Sync eQSL QSLs" buttons are invalid
(tnx to Ken LA7GIA)

- corrects a defect in the US_STATES progress report when QSOs have been submitted for WAS credit or have been granted WAS credit

- updates the DXCCVerification.txt file referenced by the "DXCC Compare" function to "Kingdom of Eswatini" (tnx to Joe W4TV)

- improves printer quality selection (tnx to Pete K5GM)

- considers an override to end at 23:59:59Z on the specified end date (tnx to Chad WE9V and Iain N6ML)

- provides FFMA support by adding the ability to generate an FFMA progress report and by adding the option for the "Add Needed"
function to populate the QSL Queue with QSOs whose confirmation is "needed" for FFMA (tnx to Joe W4TV)

- extends the "Add SWL entry to QSL Queue" command in the Log Page Display's right mouse menu to provide the option of specifying a
QSL message to appear on the QSL card or label (tnx to Dave N9FN)

- updates the Configuration.htm, Progress.htm, and QSL.htm documentation files


1. Update your firewall and anti-malware applications to consider this new version of DXKeeper to be "safe"

2. If this upgrade doesn't work correctly, see the "After an Upgrade" section of

2. After upgrading, to revert to the previous version of DXKeeper, see

DXKeeper 15.3.0 is available via the DXLab Launcher and via