Commander 14.7.1 documentation error

Dave AA6YQ

Each time a DXLab application update is released, Mike K9UW combines all of its online documentation files (HTML format) into a
single, searchable PDF file that is available from this table:


Immediately after Commander 14.7.1 was released earlier today, Mike discovered that a table I'd added to the Spectrum-Waterfall
Configuration documentation to describe the new frequency selection options was badly malformed, to the point where the text
following that table was not being displayed. With Mike's help, I have corrected and reconfigured that table.

The corrected online documentation file is here:


If you use Commander's Help buttons to reference your local copy of the online documentation, then direct your web browser to save
this web page to Commander's Help folder, over-writing the existing ChangingFrequency.htm file now present there.

The updated PDF file for Commander 14.7.1 is here:


Thanks, Mike!


Dave, AA6YQ