Bandspread Not Sending SSB Callsign to WW Callsign Window

Mark Robinson

I think I got it.  I set

Commander Config > Bandspread Tab >  enable   SSB via DMA

73 Mark N1UK

On 27-Oct-19 12:21 PM, Mark Robinson wrote:
I am using Win Warbler in the CQ WW contest.  I have the Commander Bandspread  window open. When I click on a callsign my IC7610 will QSY to the frequency and the callsign is sent to the DX Keeper filter window to do a dupe check.  The callsign is not being sent to the WWarbler Call window.

If I click on a cw station then I see that the callsign is indeed being sent to the WW Call window but it doesn't send the callsign in SSB mode.  I looked for a setting but haven't found it yet.

73 Mark N1UK