Automatic population of address block in DXKeeper QSL tab


Just moved to a new computer and have everything working as I did before except automatically populating the QSL Tab address Block in DXKeeper. In the DXKeepernCallbook Configuration Tab I have checked XML Data and put in my callsign and passwordI. Have also checked the two blocks at the bottom right of the page: Automatically use callback data to initialize QSO and  Warn when an callbook lookup.... I can cause the Address field to be populated by pressing the CBA button on DXKeeper after getting the message: "This QSO has been unlocked for modification, Perform callbook lookup" Yes/No. When I press the yea button the address field is properly populated. I do not recall this occurring previously. What did I miss in order to get this to happen automatically?? Unfortunately I cannot go back to the old computer and look at the configuration.

Thanks for your help
Ed, K5EK

Ed Kuebert

Found the error. Forgot to tick lookup for imports in DXKeeper and WSJT callbook check box in Spot Collector.


Ed, K5EK