uploading different calllsign QSO's to LOtW

Jeff KB2M

I have two callsigns at LOtW. One is KB2M, the other is KB2M/P that I use for portable operations. Both of these callsigns are used on my laptop. I've been using this in the past with no issues until yesterday. I was playing with my portable setup and made several contacts using the call KB2M/P. When I tried to upload them to LOtW  I hit the add Requested button, DXkeeper looks busy for a few seconds and no QSO's are added to the upload Queue list.  If I change the station call from kb2m/p to kb2m save it and when I hit the add Requested button the QSO then is added to the upload list. So I'm thinking that the problem is how I have LOtW configured even though I think I have it selected.  I've been reading the doc's and I can't find how to get this working.  Can someone direct me to a procedure that will allow me to change from kb2m to kb2m/p?


73 Jeff kb2m