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If you're a DXLab Commander user, CW operator and use an amplifier, this User-defined Controls button script will set your 7610 Drive Gain and RF Power based on the band of operation. I've selected the Drive Gain settings by observing the keyed waveform and adjusting the Drive Gain to eliminate the slight blip that causes key clicks on the first code element. The RF Power settings selected are those that drive my linear to full output on each band. I don't know if the Drive Gain settings will be the same for your 7610, so it's best to view your output waveform on a scope and then adjust the command values to suit your 7610. And, the RF power to drive your amplifier to the desired output will obviously be different from mine and you can adjust the values in the commands. As it stands, the script sets AVC to FAST, sets the side tone level and then sets the Drive Gain and RF Power with the appropriate CAT commands based on the band in use. If you choose to use this script, remember that you need to hit the button that activates the command every time you change bands. There is no way to have the script run automatically when the band changes. The script is for CW mode only - you would NOT want to use the reduced Drive Gain settings for other modes.