K4 pandspread support`

Zbigniew Tyrlik - KU1T

Any plans to add K4 panadapter support since Elecraft R31 B2 release includes : 

PANADAPTER DATA ACCESSIBLE FOR USE WITH PC SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS: (NOTE: This information is not applicable to use of the K4 itself. It is intended to alert users of third-party applications that they will benefit from this feature once the applications are updated.) The K4 now supplies "dB-per-bin" data (signal amplitude at each point in a panadapter spectral sweep). This can be used with PC software applications to create virtual K4 panadapter displays. Software developers should refer to the "Streaming Data" section of the Programmer's Reference, rev. C7 or later, for information on the associated K4 data protocol.

73, de KU1T

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Any plans to add K4 panadapter support since Elecraft R31 B2 release includes

+ Kevin K6TD, an Elecraft Engineer and DXLab user, sent me a loaner K4 last spring so that I could extend Commander to support the K4's LAN interface. Elecraft management understood my interest in providing a Spectrum/Waterfall window for the K4 like what's currently provided for recent Icom transceivers (705, 7300, 7610, 9700, 7851). However, when the LAN enhancement was completed, the Elecraft Engineer responsible for extending the K4's firmware to convey spectrum data was still working on other projects - so I returned the loaner K4 to Kevin.

+ I heard nothing more until last week, when Elecraft announced availability of firmware that conveys spectrum data, and another application developer announced Spectrum/Waterfall support in his product. Clearly, Elecraft had provided him with the information I'd sought -- weeks if not months before the announcement.

+ A transceiver manufacturer that plays favorites with software application developers is untrustworthy; we software developers expect a level playing field. In the 21 years since DXLab has been publicly available, I've never seen anything like this from any transceiver manufacturer. My initial reaction was not one that any DXLab user with a K4 would want to hear.

+ Since then, Elecraft management has issued a public mea culpa, and promised to maintain a level playing field in the future. Kevin is sending me another K4 so that I can extend Commander to provide a Spectrum/Waterfall window, now that the radio supports it.


Dave, AA6YQ

Zbigniew Tyrlik - KU1T


Sorry to hear about that snafu.  I was wondering what was it about - thanks for letting us know. 

Very glad that you are getting a loaner and will add panadapter to Commander. Looking forward to using it - as you know, I am a longtime user of DX suite, and a very happy one. 

Running here K4D + KPA500 + KAT500.  Most of the time DX Suite, sometimes with WSJT-x, sometimes with N1MM. 

Let me know if I can be of a help. 

73, de KU1T